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Music from the Andes

Music from the Andes

http://www.boleadora.com Spotlights music from the Andean countries, includes descriptive notes about their music. Andean Music - Musica Andina El Condor Pasa Bolivia Colombia Peru Argentina Ecuador Venezuela Paraguay Chile
Welcome to Boleadora.Com.... MUSIC from the ANDES . ..and Photo: Paige Stasney - Girl plays at an improvised soccer goal in a settlement near Vicco, Peru (~4100m/13500 ft above sea level) I've been collecting music from the Andean Cordillera during college and for years any corrections or
Listen, to, Andean, Music, Musica, Andina, El, Condor, Pasa, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, Paraguay, Chile Regions > Andes > Society and Culture

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Quechua, Songs, Poems, Stories, Photos

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from the Andes Mountains of So. America -- Fotos , words & music -- Canciones -- Takikuna Quechua, native Language -- Lenguaje Indígena: with Movies clips -- Danzas, con Videos cortos -- Tusuykuna in Ecuadorian Quichua, and Peruvian Quechua -- Poemas -- Harawikuna -- Biblia en Quechua (Cuzco,
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Andes related articles and photo galleries by James Q. Jacobs, covering archeological sites, history, prehistory and cosmology. Includes Machu Picchu, Tiwanaku and Tupac Amaru.

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JPEG -- 1024 x 768 pixels Same as image on right, above. Google Earth™ Placemarks rights reserved. All images copyrighted. Sillustani Ruins, Puno, Peru. Illustrations from Squier, by E. George Squier, 1877. Prehistory of the Andean Peoples © 1998 by James Q. Jacobs Several times during
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Music, history, archaeology, languages, and politics.

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New additions added to the bottom Las mas recientes están al final de cada categoría . Andean Music -- Música Andina Quechua, Songs, Music, (at This site, with words and with audio files of complete songs; has a page on Inka Música de Jauja , songs from Guitares du Quatuor Atahualpa ,
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