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Peru at a Glance

Peru at a Glance

http://members.tripod.com/~texcolca1/body/peru.html History and geography of Peru, from the Peru-Texas Connection. History Geography Cities Photos Maps
Geography : Peru renowned as the land of the Incas, has an area of 1,285,216 square kms, and it is on the Pacific Coast of north-central South America.It is the third largest country in South America, behind Brazil and Argentina. Peru is considered a tropical It has three major regions, a narrow
Peru, Lima, Arequipa, Cuzco, Machupicchu, photos, images, sports Peru > Society and Culture > History

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The earliest monumental architecture and complex societies in the Americas are evidenced along the coast of Peru. Large monuments built 4500 years ago represent an important archaeological record of early socio-political organization.

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Monumental Architecture on the Peruvian Coast Evidence of Socio-Political Organization and the Variation in its Interpretation. Along the central and north coast of Peru, the earliest monumental architecture and the earliest complex societies in the Americas are evidenced. The monuments of the
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History and photographs of these archeological mounds of the Moche culture in Peru.

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Huaca de la luna Trujillo - Peru, Una muestra de la cultura Moche, Folleto editado por GenesYs Graphics para el proyecto Huaca de la luna ENGLISH
Peru is made up of three vast regions: the coast, the Andes or highlands, and the Amazon forest or lowlands. These regions embrace an amazing diversity of ecosystems defined by factors such as altitude, latitude and sunlight. Intelligent use of this diversity allowed ancient Peruvians to reach

A concise history of Peru in six paragraphs.

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For at least 300 years before the arrival of the first Europeans (Spaniards), most of the Peru (excluding the eastern lowlands) was the heart of the that extended from present-day . The area from wich the empire developed was centered in the basins and valleys of . The Incas conquered the Andean
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