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Seminario Ceramic Studio

Seminario Ceramic Studio

http://www.ceramicaseminario.com/ More than just a pottery factory, it is also a carpentry and a jeweler's workshop, located in Cusco. Seminario Ceramic Workshop works techniques and designs from ancient Peruvian cultures. We develop sculptures, murals, decorative pottery and dinnerware.
Sacred Valley of the Incas Phone (51-84) 201002 Fax (51-84) 201177 Ceramic Studio has been dedicated to the discovery of techniquies and designs from ancient Peruvian cultures. Pablo Seminario & Marilú Behar presents a new art expression, providing continuity to these develop sculptures,
cerámica, ceramic, Seminario, Peru, Perú, Cusco, Cuzco, Sacred Valley, art, Andes, Valle Sagrado de los Incas, Inka, Anden, Inca, Urubamba, clay Peru > Arts and Entertainment

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