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Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) - Ecuador

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) - Ecuador

http://www.lanic.utexas.edu/la/ecuador/ Categorized link collection from the University of Texas. LATIN AMERICAN NETWORK INFORMATION CENTER Academic Research Resources Centers for Interamerican Centro de Investigaciones Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales - Sede Iconos Ciencias Sociales - FLACSO Medical Spanish Immersion course in Riobamba, Ecuador World History Archives History
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Ecuador, LANIC Ecuador > Guides and Directories

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Site about Ecuador, its regions, people, art and music.

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Includes information on history, geography, climate, population, and economy of Ecuador. Most included data is from the 1980's, giving a historical perspective.

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Ecuador is the smallest of the Andean countries. It has the highest average population density in South America and the hightes percentage of native Americans. As it names indicates, Ecuador (equator in Spanish) extends over both sides of the equator. It is bordered in the north by Colombia and in
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Annotated directory of selected online resources.

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Selected Internet Resources: Ecuador. Portals to the World contain selective links providing authoritative, in-depth information about the nations and other areas of the world. They are arranged by country or area with the links for each sorted into a wide range of broad categories. The links were selected by Area Specialists and other Library staff using Library of Congress selection criteria. When completed, the project will include all the nations of the world.
Created and maintained by the Collections and Services Directorate (Clicking on the map will take you to the World Factbook entry for Ecuador) NEW FEATURES! Exhibitions and technologies inspire, engage Celebrate the quest for black citizenship in the Americas The Lincoln Bible, black

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