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Columbus Guides - World Travel Guide: Colombia

Columbus Guides - World Travel Guide: Colombia

http://www.worldtravelguide.net/country/country_guide.ehtml?i=col Tourist and business travel information with facts on climate, visa, health, passport, currency and customs requirements. Colombia Travel Guide, Travel Information Guide, Tourist information and holidays
No longer a destination for just daredevils, this extraordinary country has battled decades of civil turmoil to emerge as one of South America's hottest new destinations. It is jammed with unspoilt mountains, coastline and jungle, not to mention stunning archaeological sites and vibrant culture
Colombia, Travel, Guide, Travel, Information, Guide Colombia > Travel and Tourism > Travel Guides

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Colombia facts, maps, history, travel guides, and embassy information.

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Colombia country and travel guides. History, embassy info, and travel.
Click on a link below to find travel guides, embassy info, flags, maps, brief history, facts, and more. you have any questions or suggestions. source: CIA World Factbook 1999 including world flags and 1000's more images and photos! source: CIA World Factbook 1998 Location: Northern South

Information on backpacking and low cost travel in Colombia.

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Colombia is a beautiful country that offers everything a backpacker could dream of - ancient ruins, Caribbean beaches, Amazon jungles, snow-capped peaks and beautifully preserved colonial towns bustling with a people famous for their vibrancy and love for life. Unfortunately, Colombia is still torn
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Offers Background Notes and travel information including entry and exit requirements, safety and security, crime, health and transport.

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Country Specific Information Colombia is a medium-income nation of some 44 million inhabitants. Its geography is very diverse, ranging from tropical coastal areas and rainforests to rugged mountainous terrain. Tourist facilities in Colombia vary in quality and safety, according to price and
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