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Yahoo! Weather - Brazil

Yahoo! Weather - Brazil

http://weather.yahoo.com/regional/BRXX.html Current conditions and five day forecasts by city. Yahoo! Weather: Weather Forecast, High and Low temperatures, Satellite maps, News, Video and more.
Account Options New User? Copyright © 1995-2009, Copyright © 2009 Yahoo! Inc. All Rights Reserved. Browse for U.S. and International Forecasts Weather News and Features AP-Mon, 23 Feb 2009 04:06:09 PST AP - A winter storm system will produce mixed precipitation over the Northeast on
Weather, International Weather, Weather Forecast, Local Weather, Weather Forecast USA, Weather Satellite, Weather Maps, Weather Radar Brazil > Weather

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UN weather agency's month-by-month temperature and precipitation information by city.

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This web site is operated Global Observations - Cloudiness & Rain Partly Cloudy (Cloud Amount: 3-5 Cloudy (Cloud Amount: 6-7 Overcast (Cloud Amount: 8 "Okta" means one-eighth of the sky. For details, Click on individual boxes to view zoom-in maps. This page is best viewed with a display
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City-by-city weather reports and forecasts.

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Travel Driving & Traffic Healthy Living Home & Family Sports & Recreation Climate & Green The Weather Channel TV Copyright © 1995-2009, The Weather Channel Interactive, Inc. weather.com® Licensed by TRUSTe | February 23, 2009 Updated 10:24 am ET New Season of Storm Stories Tonight at
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Provides climate and weather information, facts and statistics about the country, along with five-day forecasts for major cities.

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BBC Weather Centre country guide displaying weather information, facts and statistics about one particular country in the world.
Brazil is a little larger than the of South America falls within its borders. Extending from 5 ° N to 34 ° S, it is broadest at about 7 ° S, the greater part of the country lying within the tropics. Unlike most other South American countries, it does not include any part of the

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