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Translation Services

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Provides legal translations of personal documentation, complaints, letters rogatories, documentary evidence. Bylaws and articles of incorporation, contracts and balance sheets. Includes the signature authentication.
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Ofrece traducciones públicas o simples a todos los idiomas de documentos personales, jurídicos, comerciales, científicos, etc. Calidad avalada por quien dirige el Estudio Jurídico Integral, penal civil y comercial. Asesoramiento jurídico a particulares y empresas. Consultoría pericial, contable y gestón de cobranzas.
Phone: (54) 011 4953-6634 Copyright © 2002 - All rights reserved We are a team of high-level professionals experienced in the translation, law, and economic sciences fields supervised by Perla Klein, Sworn Translator and Lawyer. We offer you a set of services to facilitate any undertaking,

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Translation in the fields of law, aviation, banking, finance, patents, and intellectual property.
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Traducciones interpretaciones. Traductor. Traducciones técnicas, comerciales, legales. Interpretación. Idiomas. Servicios para empresas. Patentes de invención. Inglés. Traducciones médicas, contables, legales, generales. Español. Portugués. Contratos. Pericias. Informes financieros. Documentos económicos. Comunicaciones. Traducción de sitios Web. Proofreading. Traducción profesional. Servicios profesionales. Translations. Interpretations. Translator. Technical, business, legal, financial translations. Interpretation. Services to companies. Patents of invention. Intellectual property. English. Spanish. Portuguese. Contracts. Expert’s reports. Financial reports. Economic papers. Communications. Medical, accounting, legal, general translation. Website translation. Proofreading. Professional translation. Professional services.

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